Veda Story

Bringing Time Tested Ancient Wisdom
For Long Lasting Holistic Health Benefits

Veda Story

A legacy of tradition and trust

The Veda Story goes back to about 4 decades when our Grandmother introduced us to chyawanprash and many other home made ayurvedic herbal remedies which were regularly consumed by our family and friends throughout the year. These ancient formulations & recipes were an integral part of our daily nutrition which protected us & prevented several seasonal common ailments. Our Grandmother believed in providing holistic health & rich nourishment for the entire family. Every season, several products were made & many such recipes were formulated through years of experience.

Many atimes our family & friends would try similar products, but the taste & quality of ingredients was nowhere close to our home grown products. This demand led to an informal production from our home & grew over time.

Curiosity led us to study & understand these similar mass market products and we realised that these very formulations tasted so different due to inferior quality of ingredients & mass production techniques.

The mass scale processing standards were adapted for achieving products which were price conscious products and not quality conscious.  This led us to start Veda – a brand which respects ancient wisdom & traditions for holistic health.

We started researching formulations, manufacturing in small batches, sourcing high end quality ingredients and validating it with a panel of alternative medicine practioners, nutritionists and a close focus group of customers who test and review each and every formulation we bring to you under Veda.

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