Immunity booster for family!

Harpreet Kaur

Crunchy & Tasty

Happy to buy this product. Unlike other chyawanparash it taste more like Amla which I really liked. It also has crunchy munnakka in it, which makes easy to chew and swallow. It doesn’t stick on the palate.

Mohit Jain

Super Healthy

This tastes yummy, you can literally taste the amala, ashwagandha by having one spoon. I have ordered this for my grandparents they love to have chavanprash everyday and have tried different brands but now they are so much in love with veda prash. Now this is added to family daily routine. Highly recommend this 👍.

Manisha Sharma

Healthy just got tastier!

I usually eat homemade chavanprash only, but decided to try this one and I must say I’m highly impressed. You can literally taste the amla, the ashwagandha in the mouth with each spoon. This is made of pure ghee and is ver low on caloric intake. A must buy for women with PCOS/ PCOD, and a great source to boost immunity. The almonds in the chavanprash give this product a very satisfying taste. I start my daily routine with VEDA Prash.

Veer Lohan

Amazing Product!

The Veda Prash was suggested to me by a friend. After having Chyawanprash of many brands over multiple years I have found the one that tastes prefect. The product tastes completely natural as it’s made of natural products. The best part of the product is that it contains no added sugar. Having one spoon every morning has helped me maintain high levels of energy and positivity.

Abhishek Rajore