Our Commitment

Commitment As An Act, Not A Word

Our Commitment

At Veda, we are committed to good health and we abide by the following standards to help us innovate and grow to bring value to you.

Ingredients assessment

We place a great emphasis on ingredient assessment, carefully choosing the ones we put into our products and the ones we leave out — in essence, everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Testing and validation

All our products are tested for heavy metals, nutritional facts and follow rigorous quality control standards to ensure appropriate production standards.

Small batches for high efficacy

We work in small batches for higher efficacy and avoid any standardized large scaling processes which compromise final product qualities. For example: We do not use any herbal extracts and work with only whole ingredients to get the maximum efficacy in our products.

Labelling and packaging

We follow transparent labelling methods and stick to packaging standards which keep our products away from chemical leaching and other hazardous issues related to plastic packing.

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